Best Gym Berwick, Jetts 24/7, Health & Fitness 0431 071 777

Jetts Gym ….why Choose Jetts Berwick 0431 071 777
240-246 Clyde Road, Berwick, VIC 3806 Call (03) 8768 9339
Why Join us you ask?
Jetts is a casual Fun Non threatening Health & Fitness place to workout.

Now is the time to take the first step…
Once you have taken the first step to come and see us
the rest will be up to us…..
We will help you decide what your goal is and how we will help you to reach that fabulous goal.
The best thing about it is there is no commitment at all with Jetts Gym Berwick.
No Lock-in contacts
Only $13.95 per week – you can cancel at any time
We operate 24/7 …. Plus FREE Classes
We give you access to any Jetts gym any time in Australia & New Zealand

Don’t Delay Take the First Step Today
Call 0431 071 777

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